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Certified Pure CBD and Medical Cannabis

L5 raises the bar by offering quality products and services.  Our mission is simple – help people overcome medical issues with a safe, clean, natural alternative to traditional medicine.  Here is how L5 delivers on that mission:

  • L5 is fully licensed and regulated by the State of California as a Medical Cannabis Manufacture.
  • Advanced Cold SuperCritical CO2 Extraction
  • Designed by a Panel of Doctors
  • 100% Organic and Toxin Free
  • Certificate of Analysis (COAs)
  • Veteran & First Responder Owned and Operated

L5’s Products: Oils For Everyone

Full Spectrum CBD Medical Cannabis

L5’s core product line includes 4 Full Spectrum labels which very in CBD/THC content and all include the full spectrum.  L5’s Full Spectrum is the true oil-essence of the cannabis plant.  Our Cold-Supercritical CO2 and winterization processes never introduce toxic solvent or damaging heat to the oil.  The result is a pure, unbroken, oil essence as close to the raw plant that can be achieved.  L5 is licensed out of the State of California – meaning our oil is legally created, regulated, and have COA 3rd party tests to ensure we deliver the highest quality Full Spectrum Oil on the market.  Currently this product is only available in California.

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Pure Isolate CBD

L5’s Pure CBD contains absolute zero THC making it the perfect choice for professionals, athletes or families across the country.  Again, we use Cold-Supercritical CO2 and winterization processing to preserve the pure, unbroken, oil essence.  We then take this process further and remove all other cannabinoids except CBD.  This ensures that our product remains compliant for the World Anti-Doping Agency, and US Federal Laws.  We verify our product with an COA to show the purity.  The Pure CBD oil is then mixed with certified organic MCT Coconut oil to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting and can feel the power of CBD working with your body.  


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So What Product is Right For You?

Learn all about Medical Cannabis and CBD.  We have outlined all the different ways it works with your body to improve your quality of life!

The Swiss Army Knife of Oils

Full Range of Possibilities by L5

Full Spectrum and Pure CBD

A Facility Designed to Manufacture Excellence and Bottle Integrity

 At LEVEL5 we are committed to not only producing the best CBD Oil you can buy, but also doing so legally as well. We don’t grow hemp in our backyard and slap it on a bottle in someone’s basement. We created our facility like a battleship and then invited the State and local authorities to come and inspect it. (You kind of have to do this to get the license). But what they walked away saying were words like “sanitary,” “clinical.” They told us there wasn’t a facility like ours in the State. This is what elevates LEVEL5 CBD oil above the rest. Ready to elevate your life?

It was easy to see the goal of your team is to keep your processing at the highest level and to provide an impeccable product to your customers they can count on for their health needs.

As the Fire Chief of the Little Lake Fire Protection District the most important part of your facility as I see it is public safety which includes your employees.  I could see safety measures taken by your company that were not requirments set by the statute.

Level 5 could be used in a “how to” book on how to build and operate a type 6 cannabis extraction facility.

Chris Wilkes

Fire Chief, Little Lake Fire Department

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L5 is a privately owned company by 4 friends all with the common goal of helping people.  Find information on how CBD works, how it is made or just ask questions and engage with the owners directly.  We want to share all we know about these wonderful products and how we can elevate your life!
What is a COA?

What is a COA?

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If I take CBD, Will I Lose My Job?

If I take CBD, Will I Lose My Job?

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Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil THC Free?

Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil THC Free?

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The Military Wife on PTSD

The Military Wife on PTSD

PTSD treatment can be easier than your doctor may let on. CBD oil is a natural extract that comes with little or no side effects, but it works with your body and mind by connecting with your endocannabinoid system.

Not FDA Approved

CBD is not a cure and is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as a medicinal drug. CBD can not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Results may vary. Please partner with your doctor if you have any questions.