Both of us had grown up in military families. That’s how we met.

As kids we took base housing by storm playing army with the neighborhood. We had a selection of cap guns we purchased from the general store on main street and the only rule was come home before dark. That was the 1990s. Fast forward to 2008 and my best friend and future husband was preparing for his second tour as an infantryman United States Marine. The first deployment was an anti piracy booze cruise, and while it had it’s serious moments sailing around the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, he was now preparing for Afghanistan. 

I remember our last conversation before he shipped out. We talked about PTSD and I remember we both agreed that if he came out of it with no regrets then mentally he would be fine. That’s what the two of us believed. We certainly didn’t fully understand PTSD, and probably still don’t, but he went into that deployment with his gear, his gun, and mentally prepared as best he could. He came out with his gear, his gun, and no regrets. He still came out with PTSD. 

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can impact more than just veterans of war. Police Officers, fire fighters, anyone who has gone through a traumatic event. It is difficult for the people who have PTSD and it is difficult for those who love them. PTSD is hard to treat and it impacts people in such a variety of ways that they may not notice or agree that they even have it. For my husband it was simple enough – loud noises, anxiety in restaurants and crowds. I first noticed it when he didn’t want to go watch the 4th of July fireworks. Fortunately I found that being supportive, talking about it, and a large dose of time healed my husband. 

But that formula doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone’s trauma is different. And if someone had told me back in 2008 it would be a decade before I could take my husband to Disneyland with the kids without him freaking out – well then I would have… You get the idea. No one deserves a decade or even a lifetime of PTSD.
So where does CBD come in? I’m getting to that. 

“It’s a war within yourself that never goes away.”

When my father, the retired Command Master Chief, approached me and told me that he was gathering funding to start manufacturing and selling CBD all I could think of was “Isn’t that marijuana?”

But there was something to it. My father had had many careers. Retired Military to Lockheed Martin engineer. But here was a general desire to help people. People he cared about. Everyone from Veterans to his neighbors to my grandparents. He believed in CBD and helped all of us at LEVEL5 believe it too.

There is a lot of mumbo jumbo science behind CBD, but broken down here is my personal synopses of the compound: CBD can be found in Hemp and Marijuana and is a sister compound to THC. CBD doesn’t include any psychoactive, mind altering, ability. But it works with your body to create balance for your neurotransmitters. This is how it helps so many different things. Including lowering anxiety, decreasing inflammation and promoting healing, it naturally helps you sleep better and reduce your stress. These things combined make it an amazing alternative to taking prescription medications for PTSD and anxiety. If I could have given this to my husband 10 years ago, who knows what would have been possible. Certainly Disneyland would have been considered a lot earlier. 

I share this because there are a lot of military wives trying to find ways to help their spouse through a challenging condition. PTSD is very serious. The VA even had an article on their webpage stating that Veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 17 deaths per day and another 40,000 veterans are homeless. If you had the ability to do something then you should. Simple as that. And so LEVEL5 was born.

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