The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are only months away and athletes are hard at work preparing for the largest and most prestigious event in the world.  Every nation feels a sense of pride as they watch their athletes take on the best in the world.  Till the opening ceremony those very athletes are taking every necessary step to prepare.  Eating a proper diet, training and using CBD.

That’s right.  CBD.  In 2018 the World Anti Doping Agency also known as WADA, removed Cannabidiol, CBD, from its banned list.  The WADA decision opened the door for athletes competing in the Olympics and other global events that remain compliant with the WADA policies to use CBD and benefit from all that it does with their Endocannabinoid System.

 If you are an athlete who even dreams about making it professionally then more than likely you will be bound to the world anti-doping policy.  Here’s what you need to know:

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is allowed by WADA, but CBD is one of over a hundred Cannabinoids from the Cannabis/Hemp plant including THC. 

Are all Cannabinoids allowed by WADA?

No, the only Cannabinoid allowed is CBD (Cannabidiol).  This means that THC and all other Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant are on the banned substance list.  This is incredibly important for all athletes out there looking at trying CBD or maybe already have a favorite brand.

Four Things to Consider with Purchasing CBD Products:

To stay within the guidelines of Anti-Doping policies around the world and in all sports you need to understand the product your using and the variety of CBD oil on the market.  

  • Hemp Seed Oil – Great for cooking but contains no cannabinoids.  Zero CBD.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Full Spectrum is very powerful in what it can do medically for your body.   It may be advertised to legally contain no THC, but when they say it contains no THC it means there is less than 0.3% THC.  The THC accumulates in your body and after more than a single serving you will be in violation of WADA policies.  
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – This is where the THC has been completely removed.  It is in essence where the manufacture creates pure CBD and then adds back in other Cannabinoids to try and reproduce a product as close to full spectrum as they can.  This product is still not recommended for athletes as the only Cannabinoid the WADA recognizes is CBD.
  • Pure Isolated CBD Oil – This product is where all the other Cannabinoids have been removed.  100% only CBD and then usually mixed with a carrier oil.  We recommend MCT coconut oil for many reasons.  In this case so athletes do not violate anti-doping laws with any other Cannabinoids.  

How do you know what CBD is which?  There are very few regulations surrounding CBD right now in the Unites States.  Manufactures are not required to be licensed or conduct regular tests on their products or safety measures.  You need to know what you are buying.  CBD products that do not say what type of CBD they are should be avoided.  Look for COAs, Certificate of Analysis by third parties to verify quality.  Avoid products labeled as Hemp Oil.  Hemp Oil is not CBD Oil.    

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