CBD Buyer Guides Always Recommend Full Spectrum CBD Oil over Pure Isolate.  But is it as simple as that?  Here is what you need to know before you purchase Full Spectrum CBD.

The CBD Market is filled with “Hemp Oils,” “Full Spectrum CBD,” “Full Spectrum Hemp” and blogs and researchers will tell you over and over – Full Spectrum is what you should buy.  “When THC and CBD are mixed together the impact on your body is much greater.”  And that is true.   You will not find anyone at L5 that would disagree with that statement and we offer our own Full Spectrum brand (within the State of California only). .

But you need to understand some basic between the different CBD products and what you may get into by using Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD/Full Spectrum Hemp contains the raw essence of the Cannabis Plant.  It contains CBD, THC and a hundreds of other cannabinoids that when taken work together to be very effective in treating a variety of conditions.  Hemp derived CBD contains 0.3% THC (as long as they test it with a COA to ensure it is under 0.3%).  FS CBD will have a ‘weedy’ flavor and simply made products will have fiber still in the oil.  This product is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.


Pure Isolate CBD

Pure CBD has gone through further refinement and has had all other Cannabinoids, including THC, removed.  It only contains CBD, also known as cannabidiol.  It is made from Cannabidiol crystal, a pure isolated medical cannabis compound used for its medicinal properties.  This product is safe and legal for all 50 states and when it is made well it has the power to take on arthritis, inflammation and a list of other things in your daily life.  Pure CBD isolate also tastes a lot better then Hemp Oil or Full Spectrum CBD.  This product is allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The problem comes in the misconceived notion that if you take a Full Spectrum CBD product, and that it has “less than 0.3% THC” in each dose, that you will be still within the Federal Law for consuming THC or Marijuana.  And that’s just not the case.

Professional truck drivers, TSA agents, police officers and more are all testing positive for THC when taking Full Spectrum CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. 

Why? It has to do with the fact that THC accumulates in the body.  Depending on your fat content, what you eat, your metabolism, how often you exercise and a whole number of other variables THC will accumulate or be processed by your liver at different rates.  Meaning once you go beyond one or two doses, you now have more than 0.3% THC in your body typically stored in your fat.  You will test positive on any standardized drug test.  It is just not worth the risk if you are required by your employer to take regular or random drug tests.  This is the main reason Level 5 CBD only sells pure isolate CBD online and keeps our full product line available in the California Dispensaries to follow all State, Federal and local laws.

The other issue is that many products are claiming they are broad spectrum or full spectrum by taking pure CBD and mixing it with Hemp Seed Oil.  Hemp Seed Oil has no cannabinoids in it.  None.  So while this product is correct in saying it is safe for you and doesn’t have THC, it’s also going to do jack shit compared to a true Full Spectrum Cannabis oil.  If the manufacture takes Pure CBD and mixes it with hemp CBD oil they will again mix back in the THC.  You need to see the COAs.

While we are clearing the room of all misconceptions it’s time to talk about the fact that Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis.  The only definition between them is that Hemp must legally contain less than 0.3% THC.  If Hemp has not been tested there is no way for the manufacturer or consumer to know if it actually contains less than 0.3% THC.  That’s because the longer and taller a hemp plant grows the more THC is in it.  In addition to this Hemp may also have heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic.  Sounds great for you right?  They must prove their product with a COA.  

So what does this all mean? 

Understand if you want to use Full Spectrum oil, you are going above the legal limit of 0.3% THC after a dose or two.  You will test positive on drug tests.  Buy from a reputable company that tests their product with a COA.  That’s the key acronym right there: Certificate of Analysis or COA.  If the company you are buying from doesn’t state that or offer it, don’t buy it. 

We will be coming out with a full buyers guide next week.

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