There is a lot of fine print when it comes to CBD products.  The fact is the FDA has not approved CBD and at the same time the Farm Bill of 2018 made it legal to sell – are you confused yet?  This combination means there are a lot of ways to make and or purchase a bad CBD product.  

In our drive to educate America on CBD, L5 has put together the top 8 things you need to know before you buy CBD.  So grab a cup of coffee because it’s time to get squared away.

Tip # 1 – CBD Oil is NOT Hemp Oil.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp.  Raw Full Spectrum Hemp Oil contains THC and many other cannabinoids.  THC is not good for dogs or horses and it can cause people to test positive for THC on drug tests.  Some hemp oil products will intentionally label their bottle as CBD.  But in reality there is no garentee that a Hemp Oil product will have a large amount of CBD or THC.  The way for you to see the difference is to check the list of ingredients.  If it says ‘hemp oil’, ‘hemp seed oil’, ‘hemp extract’ or ‘cbd from hemp oil’ – then you should move on and find a better product.


Tip # 2 – How many mg of CBD does it contain?

Check for how many milligrams of CBD the product contains.  If it doesn’t specify on the ingredients how much CBD is in the product you should not use it.  You should know exactly how much CBD you are taking.


Tip # 3 – COA or bust! 

A COA is a certificate of analysis.  And it probably is the most important thing to look for.  It measures the chemicals, including CBD and THC, is in the product.  It will also show heavy metals.  Note COA’s are often stollen and manipulated so if they offer a COA by email request only – then that’s why.  CBD oil that is from countries outside the United States often has heavy metal present in the oil.  But it is also common to find it from CBD products grown in the United States that are not 100% organic product.


Tip # 4 – How is your CBD made?  Extraction Technique is a Direct Reflection on Quality. 

How the CBD is extracted makes all the difference.  For best results choose a product that has been extracted using winterized CO2 Supercritical extraction process.  This method produces the purest oil that has no fiber remaining and doesn’t introduce solvents to the product.  It also never raises the temperature above 104 degrees.  If you add heat to the oil it will change or remove some of the medical properties.  This is a more expensive process, but adds a great deal of quality and safety to the final product.

You may read other blog posts that talk about “Nano-Sized Microemulsion” CBD.  Bio-availability is dependent on the molecule being able to be absorbed in to the blood stream and therefore be available to the body’s cells.  Companies have used various words, both made up and out of the dictionary, to describe the bio-availability of their product.  Manufacturing wise they are doing exactly what we are doing.  We use pure crystalized CBD.   When it is mixed into the extender, MCT, the crystalized power dissolves in to the MCT.   The result is a pure mix which is clear without floaties or a fog.

 Tip # 5 – Choose a Product with ZERO THC – or Pure Isolate. 

Don’t be fooled by the ‘no detectable THC” – because it is a pile of horse crap!  Low regulation on hemp derived products has caused the CBD business to become the Wild West and companies are all trying to say they sell safe CBD with non detectable THC.  Literally, this Marine has read articles by other companies that stated – “buy a THC free product for your dog, THC is toxic to dogs – so we recommend you buy our Full Spectrum product”…. If you see this – move on because it’s another pile of horse crap.  Full Spectrum is never THC free.  If you live in a state that legalized Marijuana then you can take a Full Spectrum CBD product without worry.  If you don’t, or if you work for a company that requires you to take regular drug tests than you must purchase and only use a Pure Isolate CBD product that has no other Cannabinoids in it.  This is also true for all professional athletes as CBD is the only Cannabinoid allowed by the WADA. – (Check out our blog on CBD for athletes here).

For Dogs – Tip 5 is the most important.  You should never give a dog Full Spectrum CBD, or Hemp Oil.  Do NOT give a dog Full Spectrum CBD Oil or unrefined Hemp Oil.


Tip # 6 – The one tip no one else talks about – “Show me your License and Registration, Please.”  Your Manufacturing License.

Like we said in tip 5 – CBD is being made quick and dirty with no regulation.  In fact many products sold on Amazon were probably made in someone’s closet with no testing or safety control.  And that’s not a joke.  If a CBD manufacture has a license from a State they had to be inspected by OSHA, the FDA, Code Enforcement, and also the State they have their facility in.  95% of all CBD products on the market are made without having a manufacturing license.  Getting that license takes time and a lot of quality control.  You have to be crazy to get your Manufacturing License… or just a bunch of Retired NYPD, Navy and Marine guys.


Tip # 7 – Strength matters. 

A 300mg CBD in 15ml container is twice the strength of a 300mg CBD in 30ml container.  Pay attention to this.  Strength over size is key. We have also seen companies put Menthol, Peppermint, Lavender… all sorts of oils mixed into their CBD.  Personally we believe in making pure, medical grade oils and so that is not for us.  It is cute though.  


Tip # 8 – “You get what you paid for.” 

That old saying is very true for CBD.  Lower price is an indication for poor quality and a bad product.  Quality does cost money.  So when you ask why is one more expensive than the other – you should look at Tips 1-7 and there is your answer.


What CBD product do we recommend?  We recommend L5 CBD for people and Ranch CBD for Animals.  Are we biased – Absolutely!  We have seen and heard of the quality control from other manufactures and it scares us.  We are also obsessed with quality.  It took us 3 years to prefect our oils and get our manufacturing license.  We are a Veteran and First Responder Owned and Operated Company and integrity matters!  Don’t believe us?  Here is an actual copy of our license and a letter of recommendation from the Fire Chief in the County we manufacture our product from:


Pure CBD - For Veterans by Veterans

L5’s Pure CBD contains absolute zero THC making it the perfect choice for professionals, athletes or families across the country.  Again, we use Cold-Supercritical CO2 and winterization processing to preserve the pure, unbroken, oil essence.  We then take this process further and remove all other cannabinoids except CBD.  This ensures that our product remains compliant for the World Anti-Doping Agency, and US Federal Laws.  We verify our product with an COA to show the purity.  The Pure CBD oil is then mixed with certified organic MCT Coconut oil to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting and can feel the power of CBD working with your body.  


Military and First Responder Discounts Powered by GovX

Ranch CBD

L5 has partnered with Katie Herberger and together with her years of experience we are offering Ranch CBD oils specifically designed for your pets and animals.  Our Ranch CBD product line is extracted using the same techniques as our L5 Pure CBD line, but is formulated specifically for Horses, Dogs, and Cats in mind.  Improve their life and comfort with a non-addictive, no side effects, zero THC product that has a proven results in how it helps your pets.

Learn more about our Ranch products here!

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