Certificate of Analysis – the difference between Snake Oil and CBD Oil.

Did you know that CBD is a scavenger plant and contains lead and nickel?  Did you know that Hemp oil can contain more than 0.3% THC in it?  Do you know where your product was made?

Knowledge is Power

Most people could tell you the difference between Organic and Non Organic or the difference between Budweiser and Guinness.  But since CBD is still so new to the Essential Oil and supplement scene that most people do not know the difference between hemp oil and pure CBD Oil.  They don’t understand the difference between Marijuana and Hemp.  And they don’t understand the difference between a CBD verified by a COA and a CBD oil without one.  

PTSD, phantom limb pain, swelling, arthritis, every day aches and pains. You can either take horrible medications or find a natural remedy… so long as that remedy isn’t full of lead, nickel or pesticides. Do you know many of the CBD products found on the shelves of grocery stores don’t actually have CBD in it? And did you know many of them are from Hemp grown in China to remove toxins from the soil? It’s time you learned about COAs and what role they play in helping people find true natural remedies!

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