CBD and Medical Cannabis

Full Line Up

Full Spectrum Cannabis oil



600 mg CBD with 6 mg THC



300 mg CBD with 300 mg THC



600 mg CBD with 33 mg THC



1,200 mg CBD with 1,200 mg THC

Our Full Spectrum Cannabis line contains greater than 0.3% THC.  Therefore it is only legally sold through the California Dispensary System following State and Federal Marijuana Laws.  This only applies to our Full Spectrum products listed above.

Pure CBD Isolate

Balance Your Daily Life

Pure CBD 20 mg/ml

300 mg of CBD, ZERO THC


pure CBD 80 mg/ml

1200 mg of CBD, ZERO THC


Pure CBD 40 mg/Ml

600 mg of CBD, ZERO THC


Pure CBD 166 mg/ml

2500 mg of CBD, ZERO THC


100% Organic MCT Coconut Oil

All of our CBD and Cannabis Oils are mixed with Coconut Oil and nothing else.  There are CBD manufacturers who will put peppermint or menthol mixed into the oil, but we believe simplicity is better and healthier.  

No mixing/shaking required on any of our products!


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